Staff & Board

The team that makes it all happen

Judy Chaloupka

Judy Chaloupka

Executive Director

Theatre West Director, Tami Lippstreau

Tami Lippstreu

Managing Director

Patrick Newell

Patrick Newell

Artistic Director

Community Board Members

Lydia Patrick  •  Judy Wilson  •  Lauren Newell  •  Kammie Wilson  •  Judy Smith  •  Deanna Hobson  •  Linda Hauke  •  Jennifer Smith  •  Judi Freouf  •  Kim Grams  •  Sally Sylvester  •  Mary Robinson  •  Jeff Alexandre  •  Nancy Kepler  •  Ron Swank  •  Joan Koehler  •  Deb Glenn  •  Joanee Fisher  •  Mary Winn  •  Mary Barkeloo  •  Mary Dobrovolney   •  Becki Thomlison  •  Don and Meredyth Gentry  •  Vicki Schmitt  •  Ann Koehler  •  Chris Dill  •  Tammy Viessman  •  Mary Mumm  •  Shirley Burford  •  Liz Nagaki  •  Debby Wagner  •  LaRita VanBoskirk  •  Charlotte Browning

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is formed in support of the activities and needs for Theatre West. Committees on the Board are Marketing, Company Hospitality (for summer staff), House Management (Lobby and Usher needs). Broadway In The Bluffs, and Garden Walk. Volunteers are essential to our organization. If you are interested in serving Theatre West in this capacity, please contact us.